Maretti Lighting is an expert in the field of hotel lighting

A well thought-out and atmospheric lighting concept by Maretti Lighting underlines the hospitality and professionalism of your hotel. From hotel rooms to the lobby, restaurant and board rooms; Maretti Lighting knows how to create the desired ambiance with beautiful designer luminaires and special eye-catchers.

A satisfied customer is the one that feels at home in your hotel. In close consultation with all interior specialists, the lighting plan is perfectly tailored to your target group and thus fits in seamlessly with the interior design. In this way our team creates in every room exactly the atmosphere in which your hotel guests feel comfortable.

Van der Valk Apeldoorn

Design: Hans Kuijten Fotografie: Peter Baas

Van der Valk Heerlen

Fotografie: Peter Baas

Monet Garden Hotel

Design: LOTZ Interior Projects

Dining28 Van der Valk Assen

Fotografie: René van Dongen

Hotel Brinkzicht

Design: Hans Kuijten Fotografie: Peter Baas

Van der Valk Utrecht

Fotografie: Peter Baas

Zuiderduin Egmond aan Zee

Design: Kroeze Interieurbouw - Fotografie: René van Dongen

Marriot Amsterdam

Design: Piet Boon - Fotografie: René van Dongen

Van der Valk Oostzaan

Design: LOTZ Interior Projects

Van der Valk Assen

Van der Valk Akersloot

Fotografie: René van Dongen

Fletcher Amsterdam

Design: Kolenik

Novotel Schiphol

Van der Valk Veenendaal

Design: Hans Kuijten - Fotografie: René van Dongen

Van der Valk Vianen

Van der Valk Zwolle

Design: Hans Kuijten - Fotograaf: Peter Baas

Van der Valk Houten